Blackest Crow finger placement

Mary Barnsdale
09/12/19 06:58:09PM

I'm working on Ron Beardslee's arrangement of Blackest Crow and there's one section where I just can't figure out the best fingering. I've noted what I'm doing now, on the photo. (If it's not okay to have uploaded this image, please let me know and I'll take this down.)

Is there a better way than sliding from the first chord to the second? (It works fine but maybe others would do it more efficiently.) Getting into position for that third chord is the majorly clunky move, and then which fingers to use for that chord...

For the third chord, I could use my thumb on the melody string, which has become kind of natural for me -- but here that does require a sharp swing left of the wrist, which is not so elegant. Also, I'm experimenting with not using my thumb at all. (Because I'm about eight pages into Aaron O'Rourke's "Faster, Cleaner, Better.") How do people DO that chord without their thumbs...?

Thank you for any insights!


Blackest Crow.jpg