On the Willows - from Godspell

Ruth Lawrence
03/01/13 11:20:38AM

Hi all,

I am a beginner dulcimer player - (picked it up October last year, but haven't done a lot) - one of the reasons I haven't done as much as I'd like to is due tomy singing commitments...

Currently I'm involved ina production of Godspell to be performed in a church at Easter. It is community theatre - not professional at all, but I'm enjoying it very much (although the thought of actually having to perform live scares me totally). The director knows I'm learning dulcimer and has asked if I could play during a song called On The Willows. There is already a piano accompanist for the musical - so I think the director just wants more instrumentsif possible. The song is a lovely gentle melody which lends itself to acoustic stringed instruments.

Anyway I can read musicand it's in the key of A major. So what tuning would work bestthis? Any suggestions about how I cope with this challenge without completely flunking out? I would not have to sing, as only the men sing this number.