The Little Dulcimers Little List

Dusty Turtle
11/29/11 11:14:48AM

OK folks, this effort was inevitable at some point.

I have begun compiling a list of makers of mini or octavedulcimers. Please offer additions or corrections. Obviously, I am not interested in every single builder who might make an occasional small dulcimer (I'm talking about you, Bobby!) but makers who build little dulcimers as a regular part of their offerings.

And yes, I know the keys I've listed are not the only ones possible on those instruments. Instead they reflect the initial setup or recommended tuning. The lower case "d" represents an octave above the standard dulcimer tuning. Those listed in light gray are no longer in production.

As your additions and corrections come in, this list below will be edited to reflect them. I've somewhat arbitrarily decided to define "little" as 24" VSL and smaller, since 25" VSL seems to be about the lower limit for standard dulcimers. Thanks for your help.


Little Dulcimers List cropped.jpg