Wondering about the Tascam DR-05

Ruth Lawrence
06/01/14 09:36:36AM


Newb alert!

I'd like to be able to record my playing/ playing & singing / playing with others/ other people's performances. I'd like a reasonable quality for low outlay. The flexibility of a digital portable recorder seems a better purchase, then other low-cost suggestions - (mics+ amp with laptop etc). The Realtek soundcard in my laptop probably isn't the best for sound recording purposes anyway.

Has anyone used a TASCAM DR-05? Thoughts on recording with just the unit alone, or with an extra mic plugged into it? And would a stereo condenser mike like the Tascam TMST1 be a good choice, or another type of mic, eg a dynamic one? Amazon has good deals on both at the moment but... I can see the TMST1 would sit on a table surface very well, but does it connect to a stand?