Overdubbing with Audacity

Rob N Lackey
08/03/13 10:49:16AM

First, a disclaimer: I love Audacity. It does so much for free, you really can't beat it.

Now, I've used a digital recorder for some time. I have a Zoom and have recorded a whole album with it. I also used Audacity to record an album direct to the computer. However, all the overdubbing I've ever done was with the Zoom. I never had a problem with multiple overdubs even. That's the past.

Coming to today, I recorded a tune noter/drone style on my earlier Tignor. Played it through 6 times so I knew I have enough to "play with." Then I attempted to overdub another part: chords just strummed behind the 1st part. I listened through headphones and thought I was right on. However, when played back the chords are lagging behind the melody. I am using the built-in mic in my Lenovo Yoga. Nothing special added to the computer.

Is it me just missing the beat or is it something in the recording/playback process causing it?

Let me hear of your experiences and if y'all have had the same problem. In other words, HELP!!!! LOL