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Kitty L.
04/03/14 01:43:09AM
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Naming Our "Babies"?

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Okay, so I was just wondering, is it normal for people to name their dulcimers?

I'd like to name mine and I have a name picked out for her (at least I'm pretty sure mine's a girl). I just don't know if I should go ahead and take the plunge.

If I do name her, I'd like to name her Alliefair.

Do y'all think that's a nice name?*

There's a reason behind it.

*Bonus points if ya know how I got it. And yes it is vaguely dulcimer related.

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Kitty L.
03/14/14 10:48:09AM
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Changing to Wooden Pegs?

Instruments- discuss specific features, luthiers, instrument problems & questions

Howdy -

My dulcimer was originally made with wooden pegs in 1967, but unfortunately sometime between then and when I got it last fall someone replaced the pegs with metal mechanical tuners.

I know the mechanical tuners are much easier to tune with but for visual and "traditional-ity" reasons I'd prefer wooden pegs.

How hard would it be to have my mechanical tuners removed and then new old-style wooden pegs made and put on?

- Kitty


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Kitty L.
01/24/14 06:12:48PM
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Contra dancing :)

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I love to! Although I personally do prefer square dances. My favorite contra/square dances are the outdoor ones that Jay Ungar & Molly Mason host during the summer at the Ashokan Center. Their music and the scenery there make for something really magical.