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06/10/21 11:56:48AM
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New J. E. Thomas Cumberland dulcimore for sale!

FOR SALE:instruments/music items/CDs/Wanted to Buy...

Hi John! Just sent you a message that includes my email.

I'm very interested in the Thomas dulcimer you posted today! I've been drooling over your website all year. Beautiful, beautiful work!

A couple questions:

- Could you please send me closeup photos of the Perfection pegs (in the peghead, not by themselves)? Normally I would order wooden pegs, so I'm trying to figure out if I will like something that deviates a little bit from the old look.

- Is this dulcimer a reproduction of any specific Thomas dulcimer or date range?

- Appx how much is shipping to Sarasota, FL? I would probably want overnight -- b/c it's so HOT down here, so it would be awful if the dulcimer ended up sitting in a truck for a while.



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