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Lady Franklin's Lament / Lord Franklin

Artist: Gordon Cowan
Genre: trad
Duration: 00:02:46

Just a song from my guitar playing past, I am still learning my basic dulcimer chords and nearly have all the cowboy chords figured out ... watch this space

12/13/18 06:00:01PM @elvensong:

Wow Gordon I agree with Terry: I'd give anything to sing and play like that. Playing I have down, singing - not so much.

Gordo in OZ
11/29/18 07:00:35AM @gordo-in-oz:

I'm not sure how to reply to individual comments but I am very flattered and humbled by the  nice things people have said. Thank you all so much. I'm working on dulcimer and promise the next song I post will have zero guitars.

Terry Wilson
11/28/18 10:07:30AM @terry-wilson:

Hi Gordo.

I really, really, enjoyed your song.  I would Mortgage  my home for your voice.  Well, not really, as my wife would kill me, but you should know I am sincere with my point.

I would love to here you play and sing this song:  "River (take me along), by Bill Staines."   I believe you could make it your song.


Dusty Turtle
11/27/18 11:11:54AM @dusty-turtle:

Gordon, you have a very patient, gentle, expressive manner of singing that works very well with the guitar.  Nice work!

11/26/18 02:59:45PM @ariane:

Oh Gordo - this is so beautiful - your singing and playing - a real treat! Thank you so much for sharing - I can't stop listening....

11/25/18 07:24:04PM @bob:

I love this song and your vocals are amazing!

Robin Thompson
11/25/18 06:28:30PM @robin-thompson:

Gordo, your singing and play are beautiful. 

Janene Millen
11/25/18 11:51:56AM @janene-millen:

love your version...sounds very full with guitar.  I posted Lord Franklin here 2 years ago...a bit higher, and thinner, as my voice is high and the dulcimer not as full-bodied as the guitar of course. Love the story and the song and viewed the TV mini-series which was a bit ODD.  Would enjoy hearing your take on it with dulcimer as well.

Gordo in OZ
11/25/18 10:59:26AM @gordo-in-oz:

Franklin was In Australia before his Arctic adventure. Lots of places and things named after him in Victoria and Tasmania. Always been fascinated by the story and theories.


Gordon Hardy
11/25/18 10:22:49AM @gordon-hardy:

Thank you Gordo. The lost Franklin Expedition and the many explorers that sought the lost ships were a very big part of the history of northern Canada and the establishment of Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic Archipelago. The song becomes even more poignant now that the shipwrecks of the "HMS Terror" and the "HMS Erebus" have been located. Good stuff!!