Gordo in OZ


Location: Thornbury
Country: Australia

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Artist: Gordon Cowan
Genre: Trad
Duration: 00:03:11

More guitar - sorry.

12/13/18 06:07:11PM @elvensong:

It takes a lifetime of practice and dedication to play and sing as well as you do, Gordon. I salute your hard work and thanks so much for sharing. 

As for "zero guitar", there are very few, if any, dulcimer snobs here. There are, however, a lot of music lovers that share their music regardless if instrument and I would welcome more of yours.


Steve Battarbee
12/01/18 02:29:51AM @steve-battarbee:

That was great Gordo. You have a really nice voice

Robin Thompson
11/29/18 04:32:41PM @robin-thompson:

Your play & singing are beautifully expressive, Gordo. 

11/28/18 02:41:33AM @ariane:

Again very impressive - your beautiful voice and great guitar playing, Gordon. Thank you for sharing.