Second dulcimer

12/30/14 02:34:02PM
Hello and happy holidays to everyone. I began playing the mountain dulcimer in the fall and I love it. I am playing fingerstyle and I use my bare fingers. I prefer ballads and lullabies. My dulcimer is a beautiful cherry and redwood 26" vsl hourglass from McSpadden. The sound is lovely.I would like to purchase a second dulcimer in 2015. I know that I would be happy with another McSpadden. However, I would like to know if anyone who plays as I do has a favorite dulcimer. Is there a particular wood that you would recommend? A particular maker? How does the teardrop compare to the hourglass? This is not meant to be a criticism of any company or dulcimer maker. I just want to know if anyone finds that some factors impact on the sound of soft, gentle songs.I would like to see what options I have before making a decision.Sincerely,Theresa