26" VSL dulcimer

01/20/15 01:28:13PM


I have been playing a 26" VSL cherrywood dulcimer since October 2014. I play fingerstyle with bare fingers. I prefer slow Celtic and classical music and lullabies.

I have a question about the sound of my dulcimer. I recently changed all the strings to Elixir in the hope that it would help. The strings are wonderful but the problem remains.

I noticed that the sound changes above the 7th fret. The lovely full sound disappears and becomes tinny.

Is is because I am a new player and might not know the proper way to approach the upper frets?

Is it because some dulcimers are designed for strumming and others for fingerstyle?

Is it because a 26" VSL cannot produce certain sounds above the 7th fret?

Is there another reason that I am missing because I am still learning?

I don't want this question to be seen as a criticism of my dulcimer. I have a feeling that I am either asking the impossible of the instrument or that I am not playing it properly.

When I watch videos on this sight and online the music is beautiful the length of the dulcimer. I particularly enjoy Guy's videos.

I would appreciate any suggestions that anyone has to improve my playing. I am having a wonderful time but I need guidance.

Thank you.