Sacramento Area Dulcimer Club!

Dusty Turtle
09/16/12 01:59:53AM

Howdie folks. As I've mentioned earlier, Ron Beardslee, who organizes the Redwood Dulcimer Day, is helping us form a Sacramento area dulcimer group. Six people have already confirmed their interest in meeting. Our first meeting will be a Saturday in October, and someone has graciously offered her home in the Carmichael neighborhood.

If you are not one of the six who have alreadyresponded to Ron's email but would be interested in becoming a charter member of River City Dulcimers or Capital Dulcimers or Gold River Dulcimers or whatever we end up calling ourselves, let me know.

Even if the drive for you would mean only joining a gathering a couple of times a year, please let us add your name to our list.

If you have any suggestions about what kind of format our gatherings should take, speak up.

Help spread the musical word.

And it's blow, boys, blow,

For Californ-i-o.

There are mountain dulcimers,

So I've been told,

On the banks of the Sacramento.