Dulcimer Day at the American Museum, Claverton, Bath

Geoff Black
10/02/14 01:12:27PM


A last call for all of you within striking distance of Bath.

On Saturday we have a full day of activity in partnership with the American Museum of Britain at Bath.

In the morning, Robin Clark and I will be hosting a workshop on the History and Development of the Mountain Dulcimer, with opportunities to learn few straightforward melodies on provided dulcimers. In the afternoon, it will be much more informal, with a mouthwatering display of interesting and historic instruments, trying out a dulcimer, tune sessions at different levels etc etc.

And as a bonus, if you bring an instrument you get 6 off the normal 9 entry fee for the Museum, which is stunning in its own right.

Further details here or give me a ring on 07817 310083.