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Morrison's Jig

Morrison's Jig

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I have not uploaded anything in awhile. so here is Morrisons Jig.... from A long long time ago but I can still remember how That music used to make me smile
02/11/19 10:14:30PM @jp:

thank you Steve and Jan...

appriciated :)

Steven Berger
01/24/19 03:05:03AM @steven-berger:

Had my old toes tappin', JP!

Jan Potts
01/23/19 10:33:04PM @jan-potts:

Yay! clap clap clap!  Loved it!

Robin Thompson
07/17/18 02:02:20PM @robin-thompson:

What a fun tune, Jp!  Nicely played. 

07/17/18 05:26:42AM @hobbyhorse:

Thanks JP .... a bit of a trip back in  time which I really enjoyed.

07/15/18 04:40:37PM @jp:

thank you Ariane and elvensong. encouragement ... encourages me grin

07/11/18 06:06:59AM @ariane:

Superb, Jim, the playing as well as the sound! I started to play it on my little travel hammered dulcimer some months ago - this tune is so much fun! flower

07/10/18 11:54:06AM @elvensong:

Fantastic! I tried hammered dulcimer in the 80s but all those strings made my eyes cross what  But I did get to see Magical Strings perform.