Location: Caledonia, Wisconsin
Country: USA

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Bonny Portmore, Medley

Bonny Portmore, Medley

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Wild Mountain thyme, Caledonia, Galway Shawl, Bonny Portmore...
12/14/19 11:40:01AM @jp:

Steven Berger:

Jp, that HD you play sounds fantastic! Who made it? 

@ is an old Dusty Strings D300 i have had it for +25 years

and i bought it used.... it is a tank.... had it blow off its stand and crash

to the ground.... it sustained no damage and didnt even go out of tune...

it is a fine instrument.

photo 5.JPG
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Steven Berger
12/08/19 10:22:52PM @steven-berger:

Jp, that HD you play sounds fantastic! Who made it? 

12/07/19 08:47:38AM @ariane:

I love your hammered dulcimer play, Jim - just wonderful!

Robin Thompson
12/06/19 05:54:04PM @robin-thompson:

A beautiful medley you put together, Jp!  

12/06/19 05:39:05PM @jp:

byebye i heard ariane's Bonny Portmore and it reminded me i recorded it in a medley years ago. found it.happys   Not near as good as Ariane's... and sorry it is on Hammered Dulcimer. winker