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Capoörb (Flagrant delight)

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Duration: 00:04:17
Lyrics: Bright lights of the midway threw color into the night Sprayed the crowd with the clownish tones of carnival desire A young belle and her cavalier He...
Jud Barry
09/22/14 10:54:40PM @jud-barry:

Yeah, Edward! Let us have just a little bit of perilGrin.gif

Jud Barry
09/22/14 08:08:31AM @jud-barry:

Haha, Helen! I hope that means you enjoyed it! I had a lovely evening at the region fair this August that fit a song I had rattling around in need of recording, so I guess it took the better part of a month all told--working in the cracks of my more worldly duties!

Helen Seiler
09/22/14 06:09:20AM @helen-seiler:

Now that's different Jud........... it blows my mind. How long did it take you to putit alltogether.

Jud Barry
09/22/14 12:13:37AM @jud-barry:

The strings in the house band are all dulcimers in various forms: electric, electric bass, acoustic angled noter, both chromatic and diatonic. The angled noter style contributes both a pizzicato and a tremolo.