The Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer: Examining an American Tradition

Steve Eulberg
04/28/11 04:40:26PM

Many people are attracted to the Mountain Dulcimer for historical and/or nostalgic reasons.

Sometimes people recount and report history, sometimes they make it up (using creative license.)

I've always had the inclination (my bachelor's degree is in history) and a little while ago I had the opportunity to dig a little deeper.

Here is a paper that I wrote for my Master of Music Education degree, in fulfillment of requirements for an American Music History class at Boston University . I don't know why it took me so long to think of this way of sharing it here!

An "American Tradition"

This is posted in the free section of where I teach mountain dulcimer lessons on-line. 257_forums.jpg

Enjoy!, and feel free to comment!