Bowed Dulcimer Cases?

05/07/19 04:57:23PM

Greetings, all.

Has anyone found travel cases for bowed dulcimers that are not made by Blue Heron, Folkcraft, or TheDulcimerBagLady? 

I've looked at cases for telescopes, sound equipment, and 1/2 or 1/4 cellos cases. Most come close but usually have one dimension that's too big or too small. So far, telescope cases are still in the running.

I'm looking for something that will protect the bridge, have rigid sides, is reasonably lightweight, cost around $100, and comes filled with gold bullion. OK. Skip the last requirement. I can compromise.

Inside measurements must be MINIMUM: L36" x W10" x H6".  Bigger is better.

Anyone found any creative solutions?