Finish question

Diana Cash
03/19/14 11:08:16AM

I posted this on someone elses post and should have started my own.

This is the dulcimer kit that I bought from an individual a few months ago and the bottom was warped cherry and the top was spruce. I sent off to folkcraft for a walnut bottom.

I used Minwax Polycrylic satin clear and can't say that I am really impressed with it. I have tried sanding with a 220 grit sand paper and the finish balls up as I'm sanding. I have let it sit at least 4 hours or more between coats. I feel like I am sanding off all the finish I put on it, and it too dries faster than I can find the runs and drips. I also do not like that it feels tacky after 3 days of application.

I made a big mistake, I'm sure, because I even put the Minwax on the fret board. Is there any way to take it off. I suppose I could sand it, but not sure. It all still feels tacky today. Being that I am in Southern Illinois where there is quite a bit of humidity if this would be a constant problem. And also I might add, the Polycrylic does make the finish look plastic. Live and learn. Just thought I might add some of this so the next person might see this and make a better decision than I have.

If I can get the finish off, I would like to try the lemon oil. Any suggestions?