Market woes....what to do.

Helen Seiler
03/24/14 04:19:11AM

Well, I have been bitten on the rear end by the committee that run the Community Market I play at each month in my town. This is especially painful as I had my best two months tips at Feb and Mar markets, plus got to answer lots of questions about my dulcimers and talk to some really nice folk.

Each month they also have a paid act at the market. The musician they approachedfor nextmonth said she didn't want to perform centre stage but was happy to busk. So they gave her my gig, because 'she's a really great musician'. Ouch.

The committee manager rang me to inform me. When I offered to play in another location at the market I was told that the market wasn't big enough for 3 musicians (theygot anotherpaid act as well). Ouch again.

I expressed my disappointment and could get no reassurance that the same thingwould nothappen inthe following months if they were approached by an out of town busker. Ouch again.

This was particularly annoying because they had suggested a littlewhile back that I get a nice umbrella and base to play under and I parted with $60 last month to do that. I live on disability.Ouch again.

So what to do.......practice each month knowing that I might not get the gig and let them just use me when they have nothing better? I don't think my self esteem can cope with that.

Look elsewhere for a gig where I might get at least a tiny bit of respect......or am I overreacting?

The onething that is keeping my chin upis that last night I secured an interview and audition to play at a one day festival at Anderson's Mill Market about 20 mins from here. Andersons Mill is a mid 1800s five story bluestone grain mill. They have a festival each year that has been running about 7 years with food, wine, music, shearing demonstrations, pony rides etc.

Our town alsohas the last remaining operative woollen mill in Australia. They focus on alpaca fleece these days. They have a huge touristgift shop with a lovely fireplace. I am going to take my dulcimer down there tomorrow to see if I can play there on a Saturday. Acoustics there are great.Wish me luck.

Thanks for letting me offload guys. I might get some sleep tonight now.