Starting visits in October...

Rhonda Sorrells
09/11/14 09:32:14PM

Hi everyone! I don't post much, but read many of the helpful discussions on FOTMD. And I am hoping you will chime in with some advice for me.

My daughter (7) and I are going to be starting a music ministry at our local nursing home. We already visit this homea few times through the year with our string band, presenting a varied program of hymns, fiddle tunes, and Christmas music, intermingled with the occasional devotional.

When we visit with our group, we play in a large common area and the residents who listen are either able-bodied or brought to the area by aides.

However, recently I have begun thinking about bringing dulcimer music to those who are confined to bed for one reason or another. I spoke with the activities directors and they really want us to come!

Soooo... I have to figure out what I REALLY need to bring along, as well as the best "program" to prepare. For those of you who visit rooms, what do you bring? I am not comfortable playing from memory, though I do know a few tunes. I figure I will bring a metal folding stand and a small ring binder of music. My daughter will most likely be singing instead of playing, just to keep things simple.

Also, I would imagine I will be visiting at least a few separate rooms per visit. How many songs do you think I should have at the ready? I have four to start out with. I plan to just keep repeating them room to room. I don't want to have to carry a bunch of music back and forth.

What have you found works for you? What have you tried that didn't work? Any advice welcome!

Thanks, Rhonda