First visit success!

Rhonda Sorrells
10/29/14 03:34:23PM

Ok, so a while back I wrote how my daughter and I were going to be doing room visits at a nursing home in our area. Well, we had our first visit last Friday, and it went very well! I played dulcimer and my daughter sang along. We were at the facility for a little over an hour.

The first person we "visited" woke up enough to be introduced to us by the activities director, then promptly fell back asleep as we went on ;) That was actually fine with us--helped us work out the nerves a little!

The next few ladies received us gracefully. My daughter's singing was a HUGE hit! Definitely need her to learn more songs before our next visit.

We have been invited to come back whenever we want, and we are already planning a visit before Christmas. Such a blessing for us to serve in this small way....