Recycled Pallet Sycamore = New Spalted Sycamore Pickin' Stick (Stick Dulcimer)

01/03/15 08:04:29PM


I love this challenge! Attached are a few pictures of a Pickin' Stick we made out of recycled Sycamore. It camefrom a very old pallet in a machine shop. We've made several out of this wood now. I'd have to say these recycled Spalted Sycamore Pickin' Sticks are some of my favorites we've made yet!

We've now added looking at old pallets to our wood hunting excursions :)

I hope you enjoy! If the pictures do not come through, you can view it at

It's about halfway down the page.

Happy Making ! Happy New Year!


The Wandering Minstrel, Inc.