Tennessee Music Box.

09/28/16 10:59:40PM

Hello My friends I was wondering if there is any interest in the Tennessee Music Box. The rectangle box Dulcimer it is the one I am planning on making it is my favorite of the Dulcimers . I am making mine 28 inches long, 10 inches wide 3 inches deep made of popular and 1/4 inch plywood top and bottom fret board is 11/2 inches x 11/2 inches made of popular 25 inches with 15 staple frets on it is just big box with 10 holes 3/4 inch diameter sound holes. If it does not sound good when playing it I guess I will try some other woods to get it to work. I just love building things this my new hobby. I going to enjoy these builds of these Tennessee Music Boxes and I am going make mine 4 string Dulcimer. Thanks lonbow57ca and all have a great day thanks.