21st Century Schizoid Man

Duncan Gibbs
01/17/17 06:54:43AM

I wanted to create a tribute to Greg Lake who died last month (King Crimson, Emerson Lake & Palmer). His singing voice is something I cannot hope to match, so I chose this song which had a distorted vocal that I have used to hide my lack of skill.

I don't normally play a dulcimer with a 6 ½ fret, but there is a lot of chromaticism which would be impossible otherwise. I've overdubbed a few different parts; there is a bass line (via an octavider) and a mock sax (pitch to CV on an old synth, Korg MS20). The timing is tricky particularly on the accelerando, so it's a little out at times.

Tuning is CGF on all parts (ie DAG down a tone), to play in C minor, the lower F# is a string bend.