What "negatives" or difficulties result from having multiple extra frets??

10/18/12 05:59:50PM

My dulcimer has the 6 1/2 fret which I appreciate having and use often, and I'm strongly considering adding the 1 1/2 and possibly some of the other half frets. Possibly even going to a fully chromatic fretboard.

Aside from these extra frets "cluttering up" the simplicity of the diatonic fretboard (adding more trees to the forest, so to speak, to scan through when searching for the correct fret for a targeted note), what if any difficulties or negatives will their presence bring to my playing? Will their presence mess up the sound effect of a slide? Cause "buzzing" at adjacent frets? Or??

BeforeI ask my instrument's builder to irreversably alter the appearance of a beautiful instrument, I would really appreciate hearing about some of the "cons", from some of you who can speak from lengthy personal experience. Thanks so much!

Larry Smith (Ohio)