The long bit down the middle!

Tamsin Louisa Dungey
12/10/12 05:18:59PM

So me isa total novice, but an awkward one!

Having just bought me an hourglass 4 string which I want to learn to play on.. sorta old standard ways... I also want a 3 string teardrop.

Now I have decided I am going to design and build me one.. you all laugh at this point...but knowing me I will and it will be done by the end of summer 2013.

I do have woodworking skill... but there are two things I wish to know... first is there and advantage to making the frett piece out of a solid blank .. or as I have read, will I likely get a better sound by making it an inverted 'U' shape... coupled with this.. having the sounding holes/ slits hidden under this hollow.. will it add to the sound and soften.. mellow it out?

Hope I have made sense here?

Thanx for reading.