Another Non-Dulcimer

Kerry Werry
02/06/13 02:57:06PM

Ok I admit it I have not been making dulcimers (with the exception of one for a friend to give as a gift) lately. I've also not been playing much dulcimer lately, I've been learning tenor guitar.. I just finished an OM size guitar pictures attached and just started another tenor guitar (this one designed specifically for Celtic music, it will be tuned as aoctavemandolin)... The 6 string guitar will go to my wife as I am more into the tenor and 4 string is more my speed :-0

But I have to say that the dulcimer wasinstrumental(great pun eh :-) in making me realize that I couldactuallyplay a stringed instrument and that I couldactuallybuild a musical instrument that sounded good.

I had tons of help from this group both in questions I asked and in reading all the archived posts ;-)

I'm certainly not giving up the dulcimer, but thought I should explain the non-dulcimer instrument posts