One door closes another opens

Helen Seiler
03/17/13 10:18:21PM

This a followup discussion to the Quality Competition (bluegrass banjo bandit) discussion that described my bad experience playing at the local market. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts, support and shared experiences on that one. Well I made another attempt to mend the the issues i have with the market organisers with no joy.They wouldnt bend on any of the issues. The one that really stuck in my throat is their insistance i pay them $5 to be there and play. The previous manager didnt charge me and always said she wished they had the money to pay me. Soooo, this morningi went to the nearby bigger town of Daylesford and approached the Cafe owners in the Mill Market complex.I played a couple of numbers for them (my first audition....fortunately i didnt vomit from fear lol.)and they are happy to give me a go any Sat and/or Sun morning i like and a bit more at Easter and onwardsif we are all happy. It looks very promising and will keep me any my instruments out of the weatherthrough the winter months down here.

The Daylesford Mill Market is a big building with over 120 stall holders from various antique, retro, curiosity retailers from our State (Victoria). Many are from Melbourne (2 hrs away). They draw a lot of tourists and are open 7 days and usually packed on weekends.(Hopefully lots of coins in pockets to throw).It is a pretty 30 min drive from my place.

As i amstill very much an amateur i am happy with the terms. At my other casual cafe gig i get free coffees. At this gig i get free coffees and LUNCH....yay!...eating out is a real treat on my budget. They are also happy for me to put the hat out for tips. I will play 6 x20 min sets with 10 min breaks. So much easier than the old market gig.

The cafe owners seem a nice mum and dad country couple. Fingers and toes crossed it goes well on Sat. (I have a black felt bowler hat for my indoor gigs). Hats make me brave. lol.