Hammered Dulcimer Construction

Bill Arnold
05/06/13 09:35:34PM

I started the machining today for the construction of two hammered dulcimers. One of them will be curly maple and the other will be black walnut. The blueprints came from the Guild of American Luthiers. They will be 13/13 dulcimers with 52 strings. I have built four hammered dulcimers from these plans and I am pleased with the way they turned out. I will try to document the building process here and on my Facebook page, A Joyful Noise Dulcimers.

Today I glued up some pinblocks. I have found that yellow locust makes some fine pinblocks, and besides, a man I work with just happened to have a couple of boards. I dug through my wood pile and dug out some maple boards and was pleasantly surprised to find them quite curly. I put new knives in my planer and gave them a good workout. After resawing and more planing I have the front and back ready to glue up.

The link to my photos is http://mountaindulcimer.ning.com/photo/albums/hammered-dulcimer-construction-part-1

I hope you will enjoy the build as much as I do.