The Still Small Voice

Cindi Zechman
09/30/13 04:06:46PM

I had heard my friend Jeanette wasn't doing well....the doctors told her it could be any time. I knew I needed to go in as soon as I could, take my dulcimer which she enjoyed so much. I would go Tuesday or maybe Monday.....just not today, Sunday. There was a fiddle fest I had looked forward to for months not too far away, it was a beautiful day to be outside & maybe join some of the many jams around the grounds, learn new songs, etc......not today, Lord...I'll go tomorrow.

Monday morning, as I was gathering my things to see Jeanette, I got the call. She had passed at 12:30 am. I was too late.

The moral of the story: if you hear the Still Small Voice telling youto go see someone.....Listen & Go...sometimes tomorrow is too late