Dulcimer kit questions

Diana Cash
01/09/14 12:09:29PM

Husband bought me a Folkcraft Mountain hourglass Dulcimer recently from an individual who had purchased the kit and then decided he didn't have the time to build it. Taking stock of all the parts I have found that the bottom is slightly warped. Also, he has glued the sides to the tail and scroll with what looks like putty instead of a good wood glue. Sad to say, the joints are starting to pull apart. Is there any way to get this mess back apart, but first off am I wasting my time since the bottom board is warped? It is cherry btw. (Only paid $20 for it, so that's not a huge loss, just was really excited about getting it)

I am not a woodworker, but the bottom is supposed to be cherry, sides might be cherry, but top pieces look like spruce or pine to me. The texture, and weight are different not to mention looks different.

Wish I would pay attention to the editing on this page and could have saved everyones time scrolling through all of my posts.