Guitar and dulcimer chords

Brenda Joyce Rivers
02/11/14 04:17:47PM

I'm not sure I should post this here, but you are teachers and I need to know something about music. I know some but not a lot.

I have a song that I want to play and it has the chords at the end of the song lines. The first line has the chords (C-Dm). I want to play this on the dulcimer. I think that these are guitar chords, as this person plays the guitar for the song. Can you tell me if this is in the key of C, and if so, how can I translate it to dulcimer. I usually play in DAD. Please make it as simple as you can, and if there are sites that can help me, I'd appreciate you letting me know where they are.

I have two songs about the river that I want to sing and play because I live on the river and I love river songs.

If I should post this somewhere else, let me know where to post it.

Thank you so much.