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John's Lover's Gone

musician/member name: Entertainment
Duration: 00:01:26
This is the second song I learned on this. It's such a pretty, plaintive tune. Still working on it!
Pete Babechuk
06/25/21 08:32:40PM @pete-babechuk:

Nicely done.

06/23/21 08:35:16AM @strumelia:

Real nice!

robert schuler
06/22/21 09:29:33PM @robert-schuler:

Nice, I often play this tune in a slow mournful way. Whenever I'm upset or frazzled after a bad day  I play John's Lovers Gone either on the dulcimer or banjo and it calms me down.... Robert

06/22/21 09:09:23PM @carolynf:

Love this tune from Wade Ward. I wanted to share it, even though I haven't gotten it exactly how I wanted it yet. There's a little other part I ended up with in some banjo tab that I really like. I haven't heard it played in versions, but I wanted to put it in, so I just threw it in without the repeat, between the a and b parts.