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I love playing lap dulcimer, banjo, Cretan Lyra, limberjacks....mostly play old-time tunes, minstrel era tunes, and medieval tunes..

Love my fiddling husband and playing with our cats.  And my honeybees, and my two pet ratties too.  :)


My Blog on playing traditional style Noter/Drone style mountain dulcimer, including over 30 FREE noter style TABS and video instructions:
Strumelia's Noter Drone dulcimer BLOG

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resource for some articles about Jean Ritchie
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The four Mary's
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White Cockade
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Fingerpicking "Four Marys"
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Saltarello Della Pioggio
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Ten Thousand Charms.wmv
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She's Like The Swallow
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If I Were A Blackbird
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"Bob, that's so cool!  You are multi talented for sure."
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"Bob this is terrific!  "
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MacPherson's Lament
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Village at the Park's Evening
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Free Kantele method book - asking for feedback!
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"Hewalker- beautiful recorders!  BTW did you know we have a thread here in this forum specifically about..."
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Kantele: How Difficult to Learn - How Do You Play It?
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"HeWalker, what brand are your 'serious' recorders?  Can you post a photo of them here?   I have a whole playlist on my itunes of medieval and renaissance..."
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"Laurel, I made a blog post with video about this issue. The first link has info in the video specifically about strumming and shoulder/elbow pain. Maybe it..."
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Posted a new Comment on Need pointers for playing witha quill:
"David, both Jean Ritchie (who held the quill vertically), and most Galax players (who hold the quill almost horizontally for whipping) used/use an IN-strum..."
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"Here is my collection of lower key Susato 'Kildare' polymer penny whistles.  I have them in C, Bb, A, and G.  The A and the G each have one key on the lowest..."
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"IRENE: I do play my dulcimer on a little low table and that makes it easy to bow it as well....soooooooooo fun.  Are you going to have it "dulcimer..."
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"Ken Longfield: I sometimes wonder if the bowed PA German zithers were an attempt by Scandinavians in eastern Pennsylvania to imitate the Langspil or just..."
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"Great video, Dan.  BTW I am a huge fan of Peg Drops... on all my stringed instruments with wooden pegs, for many years... nothing beats it, IMHO."
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Created a new Group discussion "Icelandic Langspil":
"Wanted to start a thread on this less commonly seen dulcimer relative or ancestor.  I am having one of these made, three strings.  For my purposes it will..."
Dulcimer Ancestors
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Oberflacht Lyre Finished

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Icelandic Langspil

Wanted to start a thread on this less commonly seen dulcimer relative...
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Clothes & gear when playing for historical settings

Thought I'd post this here to chatter about what we bring/use/wear when...
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"Elizabethan Garden" Epinette des Vosges in pear wood

An epinette des Vosges made of all pear wood, custom made for me by...
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Playing a regular mtn dulcimer with a bow

Here are a couple of old photos showing people playing regular mtn...
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How Music can stay with us til the end...

This is a beautiful article about this woman's life and how in the end...
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Don Neuhauser TMB video

Here's a youtube video of Don playing a reproduction Tennessee music...
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The Joel Sweeney Early Banjo Convergence, Appomattox VA

I enjoyed playing the banjo and the bones at this event this past...
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Great book with sheet music for REAL Civil War era songs

John and Elaine Masciale put together a book with a huge collection of...
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Robin Thompson

resource for field recordings made of Jean Ritchie

Though I've not got the chance to spend much time with this site, I...
@Robin Thompson 2 years ago - Comments: 5
Robin Thompson

review of Bill Graves's cd Sugar in the Coffee

Bill Graves's cd Sugar in the Coffee is one of my very favorite...
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Jan Potts

Antique Crate Dulcimer

 Here for your viewing pleasure is a box dulcimer I own that's made out...
@Jan Potts 3 years ago - Comments: 3
Dusty Turtle

music heals, say the scientists

Every now and then experts come around and tell us what we already...
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Your memories of Jean Ritchie

A sad day to learn of Jean's passing. Yet, we are all so grateful for...
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Article on Jean Ritchie

Here's a nice little article on Jean and how she influenced American...
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Labels inside a very old lute...

I just had to share this great photo: You can read more about this...
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Common Christmas carols- are they copyrighted or public Domain?

Many holiday carols are listed here:...
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Looking GRUMPY while playing in public...

I think this is something a lot of musicians struggle with. Not...
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Antietam Early Banjo Gathering 2013

Of interest perhaps to those in this group who like music and history...
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Mary Blane

Mary Blane

3 years ago - Comments: 8
Param & strumelia, yoga w/harmonium_1

Param & strumelia, yoga...

5 years ago - Comments: 3


9 years ago - Comments: 4


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Rattler Treed a Possum-Lisa on banjo

Rattler Treed a Possum-Lisa...

9 years ago - Comments: 0

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Silver Lake Waltz

Silver Lake Waltz

4 months ago - Comments: 6
Carve That Possum

Carve That Possum

4 months ago - Comments: 18
The Cuckoo - penny whistle

The Cuckoo - penny whistle

11 months ago - Comments: 11
Pretty Saro - penny whistle

Pretty Saro - penny whistle

2 years ago - Comments: 16
Limberjack dancing

Limberjack dancing

6 years ago - Comments: 31
"Texas" banjo tune

"Texas" banjo tune

7 years ago - Comments: 15
"Sambo" old-time fiddle tune

"Sambo" old-time fiddle tune

7 years ago - Comments: 18

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Cynthia Wigington
01/21/18 11:19:49AM @cynthia-wigington:


Robin Clark
12/12/17 06:40:18PM @robin-clark:

Thanks - I think I've sorted the 'followers' issues.

Robin Clark
12/12/17 02:30:30PM @robin-clark:

Thanks for the info on notifications.  I had no idea I had everything switched off - I thought that after the site migrated we just didn't get email notifications anymore!!!!!  I've switched them all to email notification now and I'll see how that goes.  Thanks

jeffrey charles foster
11/21/17 08:47:00PM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

Strumelia I dont know if I am currently a Patron or not but if I'm not I would like to be reinstated how do I do that?


Lexie R Oakley
11/04/17 04:26:03PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Yep Hi my friend, I missed you all.

Just had too much going on and time dealing with my hands.

Doing fine now, going to listen to some tunes and catch up with folks.

Lexie R Oakley
11/04/17 04:18:11PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Hi Lisa, I am back! Yay!!!! 

Thank you for your help. Hope things are well for you and Brian! banjo

09/30/17 06:51:52PM @tillmanator:

Hello back!  I'm posting a profile pic with a mandolin.  Oops!  As soon as I get a dulcimer I will change it.

The member
07/28/17 09:39:21PM @the-member:

Hi there this is a test!

Phil Myers
07/25/17 07:51:33AM @phil-myers:

Hi Strumelia, I am having trouble with audio files not loading. Get an error message about problem loading media URL.

Martin Oesterle
07/14/17 07:03:37PM @martin-oesterle:

Hi Strumelia,
sorry but i have only some "normal" sheets / note for the song "Tourdion" ( see attach):

I play the song with capo on 1st fret. I have a youtubechannal. It´s called In this channel you see me playing and teaching the song.
Here is the link to the youtube video. In german this song called: hey der gute kühle Wein

Tourdion.pdf  •  31KB

Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
06/07/17 12:58:37PM @mr-phil:

Thanks. Yes, the link to reset came through... I went to the AOL whitelist request page, but it looked like it was a VERY involved ordeal. So I skipped it. However, when at home last night I noticed it came through and had a successful reset. They (AOL) mentioned some Federal Spam Act requirement for Canada and America while I was there. Perhaps this is affecting many others as well. However, thanks for your advice and it all worked out fine afterall. I have a secondary (work) email that could be used if your system will support it; just a thought for the future.


Matthew Andrew
05/28/17 09:14:49PM @matthew-andrew:

Is it possible to start a group for Illinois dulcimer players? I would like to see one started.

Martha Campbell
05/17/17 06:01:30PM @martha-campbell:

Hi, thanks for helping with my question!

Tennessee Jed
03/22/17 04:48:33PM @tennessee-jed:

Hello, and Thank You for the warm welcome.   I guess I like the old "Lonesome" Drone type songs.  I am currently talking with "Songs of the Wood " in Black Mountain NC about purchasing a Dulcimer. I like the Hourglass type with Scrollhead tuner.  I do not know which is better though, that type or a flathead.  Which style and maker do You recommend ? I don't want to buy one on Ebay, since I would rather give my business to a Luthier in order to support the community.  I wish to buy the right one firstly , instead of buying something that I'll want to replace.  I would rather pay for quality than getting something cheap for starters , so to speak. This is a wonderful site and I am glad to have found it.  Thanks to whoever started this and keeps it going.

Laurel K Scott
02/28/17 11:02:15PM @laurel-k-scott:

Thank you -- I am pretty tickled with it! I don't normally go into that little antique store unless I have something specific I'm looking for, but in the middle of a storm last Saturday, I must have heard that dulcimer calling to me, LOL. 

No maker's name or date that I can see, inside or out. Sent some photos around and the consensus seems to be that it is walnut and handmade.

Evidently it was played by a gentleman here in the Richmond, VA area who passed away a couple of years ago. A lady bought it and had our local violin shop recut the grooves, replace a string screw and restring the dulcimer lefthanded,, thinking her daughter would like to play it. But she had no interest! 

The price was good, so I took a chance ...


02/28/17 06:01:42PM @dshombert:

Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I placed an ad on your Classifieds board and the instrument sold (through another site) so I sent a PayPal $5 donation, as requested.  I could not figure out how to edit the title of my ad, so I just posted a Reply that "the dulcimer has been sold". Thanks.

alan kolman
02/07/17 12:05:53PM @alan-kolman:

thanks - i'll look for the new thread. and also thanks for all the work you do to keep this happening.

alan kolman
02/07/17 04:37:03AM @alan-kolman:

good morning. may i ask what happened to d.chitwood's ad for a starsong? like so many others, i've wanted one since hearing gary gallier for the first time, and would be very interested in following up on this instrument.

thank you.   alan

01/10/17 11:45:09AM @strumelia:

 Hi Nina, please ask your site question in this forum so that others may benefit from the questions & answers:


01/10/17 11:15:53AM @dulcinina:

Hi. I'm trying to follow the discussion on How to Practice More Efficiently.  I clicked the follow button and I have gotten a couple emails with responses.  But I can't get on the thread to comment or see all the replies at once.  What am I doing wrong?  Otherwise, I love this site.  Thanks, Nina