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I love playing lap dulcimer, banjo, Cretan Lyra, limberjacks....mostly play old-time tunes, minstrel era tunes, and medieval tunes..

Love my fiddling husband and playing with our cats.  And my honeybees, and my two pet ratties too.  :)


My Blog on playing traditional style Noter/Drone style mountain dulcimer, including over 30 FREE noter style TABS and video instructions:
Strumelia's Noter Drone dulcimer BLOG

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@strumelia • 36 minutes ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on Carve That Possum:
"Robin, I never heard that version.  It was written in 1875 by Sam Lucas, an African American composer and musician/performer:..."
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Updated a YouTube Video:
Silver Lake Waltz
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Silver Lake Waltz
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Posted a new Comment on Carve That Possum:
"Thanks Patty! Actually, the weekend of Sept 8-10 was unseasonably lovely weather in Appomattox- I think it was a high of 75-79 most of those three days...."
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Carve That Possum
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Posted a response to "Showing support for FOTMD ?":
"A big hug and much gratitude to the seven members who have responded with donations.  Most are repeat donors.  THANK YOU for stepping up to cover the costs..."
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Posted a response to "Show Us Your Pets!":
"Holy cow, that's just adoooooooorable!!!!  "
@strumelia • 4 days ago • comments: 12
Posted a new Comment on EAST VIRGINIA:
"One of my favorite old ballads.  Well done Gordon!"
@strumelia • 4 days ago • comments: 12
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Posted a response to "Showing support for FOTMD ?":
"Greetings FOTMD friends!    This is a gentle reminder about the cost of keeping this site up and running. There have been almost no donations during this..."
@strumelia • 6 days ago • comments: 19
Posted a new Comment on Strolling dulcimer for learning?:
"Well, they will do it right for sure.  Just be sure to pack and cushion it really well...and insurance! Here's a good little thread on packing:..."
@strumelia • 6 days ago • comments: 19
Posted a new Comment on Strolling dulcimer for learning?:
"Have the guitar tech guy do it for you- as long as you know he has legit experience in working on stringed instruments.  $25 for the labor is not..."
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Posted a response to "Thomas completed":
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Thomas completed
@strumelia • one week ago
@strumelia is now following @tom-taggart
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"Hi Tom!     "
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"Welcome my friend.    "
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Liked a photos by @bob:
Making a Tuning Scroll
@strumelia • one week ago • comments: 2
Posted a new Comment on Making a Tuning Scroll:
"Bob your woodworking photos could be paintings.  Lovely!"
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Main Instruments
@strumelia • one week ago • comments: 1
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"Nice looking OM, Bill.  "
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First Dulcimer - 1990's
@strumelia • one week ago • comments: 1
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"It's a pretty thing!  You must have good feelings and memories when you play it.  "
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Posted a response to "The Positive Thread...":
"Salt, I'm amazed at how you hound rounded her up and got her back home!  (perhaps unfortunately for you.) You're a very good soul to provide a home for that..."
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"Hi Ryan- please see your INBOX for my private message.  Thanks!  "
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"Hi Lexie- I sent you an email about account settings... "
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" Wish I could go, but alas cannot.  "
@strumelia • 3 weeks ago • comments: 14
Posted a new Comment on Clothes & gear when playing for historical settings:
"I found some nice nubby velvet upholstery fabric that reminded me of those popular Scottish paisley shawls and table toppers that were in fashion in the..."
@strumelia • 3 weeks ago • comments: 13
Posted a new Comment on Wartz n All Fall Gathering:
"The cost is... throwing your cares away for a while.   Wartz gatherings are always free, and welcoming to all!  "
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"Scary!    "
@strumelia • 3 weeks ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "How do I tune this Bass Dulcimer?":
"OK, so the VSL scale length is 28 1/2"... that actually the same I believe as a typical McSpadden dulcimer- that's not unusually long at all!   It's..."
@strumelia • 3 weeks ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "How do I tune this Bass Dulcimer?":
"The long size of this dulcimer means you will have to calculate what gauge strings to put on it in order to get a particular tuning you are after.  You won't..."
@strumelia • 3 weeks ago • comments: 10
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Student Dulcimers - Lots of them!!!!
@strumelia • 3 weeks ago • comments: 10
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"That's so wonderful Robin!  "

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"Elizabethan Garden" Epinette des Vosges in pear wood

An epinette des Vosges made of all pear wood, custom made for me by...
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Playing a regular mtn dulcimer with a bow

Here are a couple of old photos showing people playing regular mtn...
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How Music can stay with us til the end...

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Don Neuhauser TMB video

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The Joel Sweeney Early Banjo Convergence, Appomattox VA

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Great book with sheet music for REAL Civil War era songs

John and Elaine Masciale put together a book with a huge collection of...
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Robin Thompson

resource for field recordings made of Jean Ritchie

Though I've not got the chance to spend much time with this site, I...
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Robin Thompson

review of Bill Graves's cd Sugar in the Coffee

Bill Graves's cd Sugar in the Coffee is one of my very favorite...
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Jan Potts

Antique Crate Dulcimer

 Here for your viewing pleasure is a box dulcimer I own that's made out...
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Dusty Turtle

music heals, say the scientists

Every now and then experts come around and tell us what we already...
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Your memories of Jean Ritchie

A sad day to learn of Jean's passing. Yet, we are all so grateful for...
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Article on Jean Ritchie

Here's a nice little article on Jean and how she influenced American...
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Labels inside a very old lute...

I just had to share this great photo: You can read more about this...
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Common Christmas carols- are they copyrighted or public Domain?

Many holiday carols are listed here:...
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Looking GRUMPY while playing in public...

I think this is something a lot of musicians struggle with. Not...
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Antietam Early Banjo Gathering 2013

Of interest perhaps to those in this group who like music and history...
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DVD of traditional WV dulcimer players available

DVD film: The West Virginia Hills: A Tribute to the Dulcimer From...
@Strumelia 4 years ago - Comments: 2

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Mary Blane

2 years ago - Comments: 8
Param & strumelia, yoga w/harmonium_1

Param & strumelia, yoga...

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Rattler Treed a Possum-Lisa on banjo

Rattler Treed a Possum-Lisa...

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earliest known written melody- Syria 1400 BC

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The member
07/28/17 09:39:21PM @the-member:

Hi there this is a test!

Phil Myers
07/25/17 07:51:33AM @phil-myers:

Hi Strumelia, I am having trouble with audio files not loading. Get an error message about problem loading media URL.

Martin Oesterle
07/14/17 07:03:37PM @martin-oesterle:

Hi Strumelia,
sorry but i have only some "normal" sheets / note for the song "Tourdion" ( see attach):

I play the song with capo on 1st fret. I have a youtubechannal. It´s called In this channel you see me playing and teaching the song.
Here is the link to the youtube video. In german this song called: hey der gute kühle Wein

Tourdion.pdf  •  31KB

Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
06/07/17 12:58:37PM @mr-phil:

Thanks. Yes, the link to reset came through... I went to the AOL whitelist request page, but it looked like it was a VERY involved ordeal. So I skipped it. However, when at home last night I noticed it came through and had a successful reset. They (AOL) mentioned some Federal Spam Act requirement for Canada and America while I was there. Perhaps this is affecting many others as well. However, thanks for your advice and it all worked out fine afterall. I have a secondary (work) email that could be used if your system will support it; just a thought for the future.


Matthew Andrew
05/28/17 09:14:49PM @matthew-andrew:

Is it possible to start a group for Illinois dulcimer players? I would like to see one started.

Martha Campbell
05/17/17 06:01:30PM @martha-campbell:

Hi, thanks for helping with my question!

Tennessee Jed
03/22/17 04:48:33PM @tennessee-jed:

Hello, and Thank You for the warm welcome.   I guess I like the old "Lonesome" Drone type songs.  I am currently talking with "Songs of the Wood " in Black Mountain NC about purchasing a Dulcimer. I like the Hourglass type with Scrollhead tuner.  I do not know which is better though, that type or a flathead.  Which style and maker do You recommend ? I don't want to buy one on Ebay, since I would rather give my business to a Luthier in order to support the community.  I wish to buy the right one firstly , instead of buying something that I'll want to replace.  I would rather pay for quality than getting something cheap for starters , so to speak. This is a wonderful site and I am glad to have found it.  Thanks to whoever started this and keeps it going.

Laurel K Scott
02/28/17 11:02:15PM @laurel-k-scott:

Thank you -- I am pretty tickled with it! I don't normally go into that little antique store unless I have something specific I'm looking for, but in the middle of a storm last Saturday, I must have heard that dulcimer calling to me, LOL. 

No maker's name or date that I can see, inside or out. Sent some photos around and the consensus seems to be that it is walnut and handmade.

Evidently it was played by a gentleman here in the Richmond, VA area who passed away a couple of years ago. A lady bought it and had our local violin shop recut the grooves, replace a string screw and restring the dulcimer lefthanded,, thinking her daughter would like to play it. But she had no interest! 

The price was good, so I took a chance ...


02/28/17 06:01:42PM @dshombert:

Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I placed an ad on your Classifieds board and the instrument sold (through another site) so I sent a PayPal $5 donation, as requested.  I could not figure out how to edit the title of my ad, so I just posted a Reply that "the dulcimer has been sold". Thanks.

alan kolman
02/07/17 12:05:53PM @alan-kolman:

thanks - i'll look for the new thread. and also thanks for all the work you do to keep this happening.

alan kolman
02/07/17 04:37:03AM @alan-kolman:

good morning. may i ask what happened to d.chitwood's ad for a starsong? like so many others, i've wanted one since hearing gary gallier for the first time, and would be very interested in following up on this instrument.

thank you.   alan

01/10/17 11:45:09AM @strumelia:

 Hi Nina, please ask your site question in this forum so that others may benefit from the questions & answers:


01/10/17 11:15:53AM @dulcinina:

Hi. I'm trying to follow the discussion on How to Practice More Efficiently.  I clicked the follow button and I have gotten a couple emails with responses.  But I can't get on the thread to comment or see all the replies at once.  What am I doing wrong?  Otherwise, I love this site.  Thanks, Nina

01/10/17 02:40:31AM @maryam:

Thank you for welcoming me Strumelia! :-)

David Pedersen
01/04/17 10:21:16AM @david-pedersen:

Strumelia, I did find Robins lessons under The Drone group, go figure.  Sorry for all the confusion on my part, but I am reading his info now.  Thanks for all the comments and help.

jeffrey charles foster
12/12/16 05:50:21PM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

So dont know how to contact you I would like to know how to shrink video files to put on FOTMD cause I dont know how



12/11/16 07:53:23PM @sng4prt:

Strumelia, I was probably wearing thimbles.


11/27/16 10:39:17AM @dianapalmer:

Thank you. I guess I was having trouble logging in for a while, and didn't have the new website address. Glad I found this again.

10/27/16 06:33:46AM @rock-wyre-cathy:

Thanks so much for the welcome looking forward to enjoying all the content.

Bill Henry
10/24/16 09:06:52AM @bill-henry:

Thanks so much. I am very glad to be here and am enjoying the content on the history and the older playing styles. Thanks for facilitating such a great site!