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Country: USA

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Scott's Return

musician/member name: Entertainment
Duration: 00:02:41
In which I attempt to play this wonderful old fiddle tune on my McSpadden mountain Dulcimer. (Thanks for your music, Bruce Greene)
Dusty Turtle
03/03/22 09:14:14PM @dusty-turtle:

Good for you, Carolyn!  Now that you've earned some money for playing music, you're a professional musician!

03/02/22 10:42:07PM @carolynf:

I’m working on my repertoire. I want to own some lively tunes, some sad and melancholy ones, some sentimental ones…

I took my courage, put it in my pocket, and took my dulcimer down to the Sundial Bridge (Redding CA) where people expect to see some performers,  and played for about an hour. Some people stopped, some people asked about it. It was very rewarding. ($6 worth, anyway.)

Dusty Turtle
03/02/22 10:00:23PM @dusty-turtle:

What lively playing!

03/02/22 09:32:30PM @strumelia:

Bruce Green rocks. violin

03/02/22 07:14:22PM @carolynf:

Upon studying Bruce’s fiddle tunes, slowed dow to learn, I’m just amazed at all the life he brings, to every lick, every phrase.  

Robin Thompson
03/02/22 06:12:22PM @robin-thompson:

Oh, wonderfully played, Carolyn!  This would be a challenging tune for me and I appreciate your play of it!    

I've had the good fortune of seeing Bruce Green 'live' (with Don Pedi).