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Location: Deep Run, NC
Country: US

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Donnie Hill

What Tuning are you using?

What tuning to most folks use? I mostly use DAA.
@Donnie Hill 10 years ago - Comments: 29

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Donnie Hill
02/06/10 06:20:13PM @donnie-hill:
Thanks Bill !
Bill Lewis
02/06/10 02:04:05PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Donnie. :)
Edie Harrison
02/05/10 08:44:03AM @edie-harrison:
Yes, I play with Waterbound, the group that Carolyn has told you about, Creekside Dulcimers that meets at Calvary UMC in Snow Hill. This group usually meets 2ce a month which we usually decided on each month-no set date but always on a Sunday afternoon. Also play with 3 others (Nancy, Carolyn and Barbara) in an ensemble, Dolce Dulcimers. Please k now when I invited you as a friend, I also left you a comment as way of introduction and welcome to FOTMD which then apparently I did or did not push the right key and sent it into internet cyber space. So welcome again. :-) Edie
Rod Westerfield
02/03/10 01:48:15PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Donnie.. glad ya joined the family...