Loch Lomond, Down by the Salley Garden, Arran Boat Song, and similar tunes

Rick Kennedy
01/06/12 12:47:38AM

I thought that I would post this question here, even though it could be posted in Beginner Players or Modern/chord Players or even the Hymn and Worship Song group. I think that if I can figure this out, it will help me to remember particular tunes as I learn to play them better as the notes flow into each other.

Anyhoo, as a learning tool, I filmed a bit of my playing to see/hear if I sounded the same as when I just listen and play. Of course, I did not--my main trouble is getting the notes to ring, whether melody strings, part of the chords, strumming, whatever. On the two songs listed above, my playing, as I alternate melody strings with the chords in the melody, is very choppy, even though my chord changes are "accurate" and I am "feeling" the music. I have been playing for a couple of months, but have not quite put it together yet.

Eventually, I want to try noter/drone style, too--and I know that the drone and the slide of the noter provides a continuous experience, but I was wondering if there are any techniques to avoid choppiness.