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Rick Kennedy

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Jessica Comeau
01/30/15 06:04:31PM @jessica-comeau:

It makes me very happy that you received my album and enjoy it! Thank you for letting me know, Rick! :-)

Cindy Stammich
10/31/14 10:21:55PM @cindy-stammich:

Great to be friends with you also! My niece just graduated from St Mary's a year and a half ago! She went thru the nursing program and is now a nurse at Goshen Hospital.

My parents bought the house that my mom still lives in before I was born. My dad passed away in 1991. He was my music buddy and I miss him terribly. I talk about him in my profile.

So do you still have a house in Elkhart? Where at? Just wondering.

Oh - so you miss Indiana huh? It's Halloween....and it snowed here this afternoonFrown.gif

Ok, I guess that's all for tonight.

Keep strumming and smiling!Smile.gif


Cindy Stammich
10/28/14 07:59:29PM @cindy-stammich:
Hi Rick,Well I am honored to be your friend back home!Were you originally from Elkhart? How long ago did you move away?My mom lives in Osceola and I have a brother just into Elkhart.I look forward to hearing from you!Keep strumming and smiling!Cindy
Ben Seymour
03/12/14 07:16:44PM @ben-seymour:

Howdee Rick! Glad to be your friend here :)

Ben Seymour


Randy Adams
03/08/14 08:01:28PM @randy-adams:

I'm glad we're friends Rick!

John Henry
07/19/13 08:01:44AM @john-henry:

Hello Rick ! Package arrived this morning, already played it twice, some interesting stuff there, food for thought, had me guessing once or twice along the lines off 'now that reminds me of something........?'

thanks a lot friend

will help to get the feel of thoser 'old time Smokies'

best wishes


John Henry
05/15/13 09:05:39AM @john-henry:

Hello Rick, package despatched yesterday! Apologies for the delay, time is at a premium here, !!! (got to press/iron that nurses uniform !!!)


John Henry
07/02/12 03:27:43AM @john-henry:

A welcome to you Rick, from the UK/Euopean group within FOTMD, glad to have you with us! Some of us spent a pleasant afternoon making music in Bath yesterday, (you may have heard of it, lol), it was good to get away from the many police crawling all over my pocket handkerchief garden doing a 'fingertip search'


04/19/12 09:01:52AM @ggsipaper:

I hope you get the chance to visit back here to SW VA often. We like it here very much. We enjoy the climate, people and scenery very much. We were looking at the Marion area too but ended up in Galax. I hope Memphis hasmany attributes worth enjoying. Thanks for the warm welcome to FOMTD.

Tom S.

Robin Clark
03/22/12 07:54:03PM @robin-clark:

Hi Rick,

That's great you and your daughter listened to the tunes I have posted! I have a new dulcimer just clearing UK customs today - it is a very authentic copy of an Ed Thomas dulcimerin poplar wood - 3 string, wood tuning pegs and staple frets. So there will be some more tunes going up as soon as she arrives Grin.gif

Drop me a line if you every head over to Wales.

John Henry
02/11/12 03:46:46AM @john-henry:

Hello Rick. Just be idily trolling through stuff, and came across a post containing a comment from you indicating that you might build a TMB ? If you hav'ent, and still 'might ' I am more than happy to share details of the one I built. Relatively easy build, and very satisfying to play. Would sound great in one of thos log cabins............!


Ed Gaunt
11/10/11 12:44:04AM @ed-gaunt:

Welcome Rick. This site is addicting. I find that I check it BEFORE checking my Facebook page!

John Henry
11/09/11 05:56:21PM @john-henry:

Thanks for friend request Rick, I am pleased tp accept! (I have a son living in Bath)


Brian G.
11/01/11 11:27:31PM @brian-g:
Hi Rick, and welcome to FOTMD. :) It's a fun place with some very knowledgeable and talented people. I hop you enjoy it here as much as I do.
John Keane
10/26/11 05:19:23PM @john-keane:
Howdy and welcome to FOTMD!
Jim Fawcett
10/26/11 05:09:46PM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Rick, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.