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Country: GB

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Cold Rain and Snow

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:44
John and Grahame
05/01/19 11:46:29PM @elvensong:

Great duet you two! 

Steven Berger
04/27/19 04:32:53PM @steven-berger:

Bravo, both of you!

04/27/19 03:14:36PM @ariane:

It was fun to see and hear you playing - thank you for sharing.

Robin Thompson
04/27/19 10:31:32AM @robin-thompson:

Grahame, I like the version y'all play of this old North Carolina (US) murder ballad.  Thanks for the posting!

Terry Wilson
04/27/19 09:30:46AM @terry-wilson:

Hey, that was great!  Loved it.  More, please.

Grahame Hood
04/27/19 08:15:45AM @grahame-hood:

John Edwards on Taylor 12 string and myself on Capritaurus California #1 in DAE tuning to give Am. Filmed by Ian Anderson at The Orpington Liberal Club, Orpington, Kent, UK on Tuesday 23rd April 2019