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Grahame Hood

Kit built dulcimer?

I've recently acquired the dulcimer below. I saw a similiar one on ebay...
@Grahame Hood 9 years ago - Comments: 2

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Line From Maya (aka Doo Doo Song)

Line From Maya (aka Doo Doo...

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Night of the Living Dulcimers

Night of the Living Dulcimers

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The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo

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Cold Rain and Snow

Cold Rain and Snow

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Marc Bolan Dulcimer?

Posted: Friday December 14 2018, 4:38 AM
By: @Grahame Hood

Dulcimer use in folk/rock bands

Posted: Thursday March 5 2015, 8:27 AM
By: @john p


Grahame Hood
05/08/19 07:38:34AM @grahame-hood:

I have mentioned twice that I am in the USA and these have attracted 22 comments each. However I cannot access these comments, I assume they are blocked because my messages contravene FOTMD site rules. Sorry! If this is not the case please may the person in charge of the site grant me access?

Grahame Hood
05/06/19 08:53:20AM @grahame-hood:

I am currently in Chesapeake VA and am having three days in the Appalachians from Tuesday, returning Thursday. Hiring a car and visiting LuRay and that area. Any events, shops etc I should check out? Haven't got my dulcimer as travelling light. Returning to uk 14th May, doing a few open mics with my friend. Borrowed a nice Martin to play but haven't even seen a dulcimer  yet!

Grahame Hood
04/29/19 03:56:07AM @grahame-hood:

I am visiting the USA from Wednesday 1st May for two weeks. I will be based in Norfolk VA staying with a friend. I won't be bringing my dulcimer as travelling light but might buy one there if I see a good one. I am also planning to take a car West or North for five days or so though no specific places I want to go. Any recommendations for shops/people/places to play? 

Grahame Hood
08/12/18 12:40:10PM @grahame-hood:

Marc Bolan Dulcimer?

I have recently acquired a dulcimer on eBay, built by Nick Odell of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England. It is well made (though poorly finished) but has only a scale length of a little under 23". Has anyone ever come across another by this maker? Nick was last heard of contributing to a guitar site advising on which book to use in buildimg a classical guitar and recommending the Irving Sloan book. This was 12 years ago. Most interesting of all was that he was Marc Bolan's guitar tech in the early 70s, a repair label by him signed July 1972 recently being used as provenence for a Gibson Les Paul guitar which was supposedly used by Marc and came up for auction. Big question!!!! Does anyone know if Marc ever used on record or even owned a dulcimer? Are any photos known to exist? The instrument would be easily identifiable for a variety of reasons.  

Ken Backer
03/10/15 09:22:55AM @ken-backer:

Greetings, Grahame. Glad to be your friend.Grin.gif

Pierre-Yves Donnio
02/26/15 03:03:46PM @pierre-yves-donnio:

Hello Graham! John is an extraordinary player. Do you think to stay a long time in Brittany in September ?

John Shaw
02/26/15 05:15:27AM @john-shaw:

Welcome back, Grahame! I'll try to catch the radio show.

John Henry
02/24/15 02:55:50AM @john-henry:

Hello Graham, a belated welcome to you from the UK/Euopean group within FOTMD, be glad to have you join us (would add to the sizeable number of 'Nonsuch' members already here!!!)


Cynthia Wigington
02/23/15 05:59:37PM @cynthia-wigington:

Welcome Grahame. It's always to wonderful when someone with a lot of experience joins. I look forward to your videos and contributions. It's a wonderfun site.

Karen Keane
02/23/15 04:59:28PM @karen-keane:
Hello and welcome to the site. This is a great place to share ideas and listen to music. I hope you enjoy!
John Keane
02/23/15 09:59:08AM @john-keane:

Howdy and welcome to FOTMD!

Ken Longfield
02/23/15 09:45:19AM @ken-longfield:

Welcome to FOTMD Grahme. It's good to have you aboard.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Rob N Lackey
02/23/15 09:35:37AM @rob-n-lackey:

Welcome, Grahame, to this little corner of dulcimer heaven. Are you the writer of the biography of Clive Palmer? Not that I've read it yet, but I did listen to the Incredible String Band back in the day. Hope you enjoy it here.


Ben Barr Jr
02/23/15 09:16:42AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Grahame, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer. It's a good place to come, spend some time, learn and exchange ideas about the dulcimer, and to meet some good people.


Jim Fawcett
02/23/15 09:14:11AM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Grahame, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.