Nice, Simple Hymn Book

Greg Patterson
05/06/14 02:40:38AM

" 101 Three-Chord Hymns and Gospel Songs for Guitar, Banjo, and Uke " by Larry McCabe.

Picked up a copy of this recently. As the title suggests, it is Not a dulcimer book, but it was still fun to play around with, more as a resource or a starting point for playing some old classics ...

Why review a non-dulcimer book here? Just having the melody notes set up in a simple format using standard music notation for a nice collection of 101 classic old hymns all in one book was reason enough for me to want to play around with it Grin.gif !

Technical points for those who may be interested in such things:

In messing around with the author's ultra-simplified chord-accompaniment system, I found it is based on key of G, using only 3 chords-- G, C, and D7. I had no idea what a D7 chord was till I googled it earlier this evening...apparently, it's hard to get a D7 chord technically correct on a 3-string dulcimer because the chord consists of 4 notes39.gif . ... However, I tried a few simpler D chords and it seemed to work OK. (I was tuned in DGD if anyone wants to follow my experiment.26.gif ).