Anyone else out there have M.S. which is affecting your playing?

Virginia Oman
04/18/11 08:57:36PM

I'm a musican and I have secondary progressive M.S. As M.S. brings you one loss after another. Due to declining strength and use of my hands and fingers, I have had to give up playing drums, guitar, saxophone, banjo, mandolin and hammer dulcimer. Huge loss for me. I now play ukulele, strumstick and am now learning mountain dulcimer. Can't strum fast, and can't do all the chords. Hands are weak. But I'm still able to play what I CAN, and enjoy the heck out of it.

Stephen Seifert and Kevin Roth remind me that it's not about the fancy or fast playing. What's important is being able to play simply and clean...letting the notes ring out. Kevin told me this past week he gets annoyed at students or players just trying to impress people with how fancy or fast they play. Kevin says they are not good musicians and...they are missing the whole point of playing this instrument well. I'm loving Dulcimer School on line to learn how to play and watching how Stephen can play so simply yet beautifully is inspiring. Yes he can do all the fancy stuff better than anyone I've seen...but he also plays the dulcimer slow, clear and it sounds absolutely lovely. Keeps me hopeful and inspired.