The Rockin' LIVESTREAM thread- for all members!

03/26/20 01:04:55PM

Greetings FOTMD members, and esteemed members of the Rockin' In The Free World group!

Let this be the thread where all FOTMD members can post their links to their Youtube Livestream videos.  That way, the livestream videos (which tend to be much longer than regular youtube videos) can be easily found in ONE area of FOTMD, and I can occasionally remove the oldest ones.  If you post a livestream video elsewhere in a different discussion or create a new discussion just for your livestream video, it will need to be posted here instead.

A few simple guidelines:  If you want to post YOUR new livestream video here, please describe what is contained in the video in your post so folks can know what it contains before they click to watch it.  Please keep the subject of the video about dulcimers and/or music livestreaming your daily life or non-musical activities and opinions. Please include some of yourself playing or demonstrating music rather than a livestream consisting 'only' of talking. Please don't post other people's livestream videos here.. post only your own.  This thread is for livestream vids only- you can create a new discussion in the Rockin' group for each of your own 'regular' Youtube videos, as in the past.

To add your video, simply make a new post here in this discussion, and include the simple URL link to your youtube livestream video. (don't use the YT "embed code", just the simple page link from the top window of your browser works)... and the video will show up and be playable directly in your post here.

For those folks who are puzzled about why they can see the first post of this thread but not the other posts or responses, or who wonder why they can't find a way to add a post-- please go to the Rockin In The Free World Group main page and click to JOIN the group. Once you actually JOIN the group, you'll be able to see all the posts in the group's discussions, and make your own posts in the group as well.

Thank you and enjoy!  howdy