Location: Skriveri
Country: Latvia

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Blow Ye Wind

Blow Ye Wind

style or instrument: Latvian traditional

musician/member name: Ansis Martinsons

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Latvian popular folk song "Blow Ye Wind" played on mountain dulcimer
Cynthia Wigington
11/07/22 07:22:31AM @cynthia-wigington:

Ansis, welcome to the site - very beautiful and beautifully played dulcimer. You'll truly find all things dulcimer here and make a lot of good friends too. It's a great community. I love hearing traditional songs from different places. My first dulcimer was a cardboard kit from Folkcraft, my second was a McSpadden all walnut kit. Both had the fret slots. Yours sounds in tune with itself so congrats - that's the biggest problem I have found with ones I've gotten. And it just ruins it for me when they are not tunable. I look forward to hearing more of your clips.

11/04/22 07:34:19AM @dulcinina:

Anis, the Appalachian Dulcimer is the state instrument of Kentucky, USA.  I'm so happy you discovered it and are learning to play. Welcome and thank you for posting. Dulcinina

Robin Thompson
11/04/22 07:14:27AM @robin-thompson:

Ansis, your instrument is lovely and so is your playing of "Blow Ye Wind"!  Thank you for posting this!