Newb questions about pick up, mini-amps

Ruth Lawrence
05/30/14 09:33:12AM

Hi, I have some newb questions -

This summer I'll be jamming weekly with a double bass player and guitarist. When we think we're good enough we'll find opportunities to perform - nursing homes and the like.

I have played dulcimer (with small choir) in a nursing home beforeand I'm aware of how soft the dulcimer is in those large dining halls.

I've read over others suggestions about pickups, amps etc. What I would like to know is whether anyone has tried the Danelectro Honey Tone N-10 mini amp? This is a tiny 10watt amp, the size of a walkman. You could clip it on your belt, it's that small. It runs on 9 volt batteries or an adaptor. Best of all it's extremely cheap - around $20. I was thinking of trying that plus a cherub pickup - I've looked at other pickups but I don't like how they require mounting via adhesive tape - wouldn't that damage the finish of the dulcimer? Disadvantage of the Honey Tone is going through the 9 volt batteries of course, but for rehearsing I'd use the adaptor. Can you get rechargeable 9 volt batteries?

I know there are better quality amps out there - but as I'm completely new to this, I wanted to try out something inepensive first before saving up for better quality. However, if I plug into a mini amp, do I still need a pre-amp? I thought that was only needed if being mixed through a PA system - is that correct?