Retrofit a pickup

Jan Schultz
10/18/14 11:12:22AM
I have a Modern Mountain dulcimer with a floating bridge that I would like to have a pick up installed in. I've tried soundboard transducers and microphones but they just don't get the job done when connecting to a Mackie board via XLR cable (I have a good pre-amp/DI box) Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of pickup could be installed on this dulcimer? My Folkcraft has a Fishman EQ which is an under saddle, but with the floating bridge on the MMD, I don't see how this could work. I have seen MMD's with an endpin 1/4" jack, and have written to the performer who had this dulcimer to ask what kind of pickup was installed, but sadly ... No response. Any help, advice or suggestions would be most appreciated! Thank you!