Tab Software Suggestions

09/13/15 08:37:39AM

I am currently using the tab software MusEdit, but it is no longer supported. So, I'm going to have to switch to something else.

I'm looking for tab software that is user friendly and does not require a degree in computer science to use it. Also, I'm not necessarily interested in merely translating standard music notation to tab (because I can read music). A translation of SMN only gives the melody notes of a song.  Here's what I do....I use tab software to write out my own tab (chord/melody) for songs that I want to play and share with others.  I actually write out the chord/melody of the song. I also use tab software for translating the song into another key. I enter the SMN and then can use the software to translate it to another key. Then, I add tab lines to enter the chord/melody tab below the SMN. 

I see TablEdit talked about a lot. Is this the way I should go, or are there other suggestions?