Fabulous ClingOn Pick-up

01/29/20 07:56:18PM

I recently stumbled across several YouTube videos demonstrating an electronic pick-up which can be used on any stringed instrument and requires no drilling or being physically invasive in any way on your beautiful dulcimer(s):



I was impressed by what the ClingOn Pickup was capable of doing and the fact that you could install it within minutes.  For people who have multiple dulcimers, you can simply move the pickup (which adheres to the instrument with a magnet placed on the inside) from instrument to instrument and never leave a mark.  I was so blown away by the concept I decided to purchase one and try it on my McSpadden.   The inventor and owner of ClingOn readily responded to questions I had about installing the pick-up on a dulcimer and what type of amplifier works best with it.

I got a great deal on a used Fishman Loudbox Mini amplifier (lots of YouTube videos about it) on eBay, plugged in my ClingOn Pick-up and wow, what a sound!  I sound like a million bucks with Reverb or Chorus options!

For anyone who has ever considered getting a dulcimer with pick-up installed, this is a great alternative.  The fact that you can move it easily to different instruments is a huge benefit.  The Fishman Loudbox Mini model I purchased has Bluetooth connectivity.  The possibilities are endless - playing with percussion, such as what you get on GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad, or playing a duet with someone you've recorded.  You are now capable of filling a huge room or auditorium with the beautiful sounds of you playing the dulcimer.

If anyone has any questions about installing the ClingOn, please do not hesitate to let me know.  With my ClingOn Pickup, I purchased 3 extra magnets, and a 10 foot cord for a total of $75.00.  I thought the cost was quite reasonable.

Happy dulcimer playing!