Folkroots Travel Dulcimer with "Galax" back

Peter W.
12/12/14 04:54:05PM

Does anybody have any experience with the FolkRoots travel dulcimer with "Galax" back?

I like the idea and consider ordering one (maybe the model with 1 1/2 and 8 1/2 fret) - but first I'd like to have a little more information about the FolkRoots travel dulcimers in general.

What is the recommended tuning for it resp. out of the box? Is it tuned in DAdd or DAA - or is it meant to be tuned in G (like the McSpadden Ginger models)?

How happy are owners of FR travel dulcimers with their instrument?

I'm aware that it is not that good for noter/drone playing, but as I mostly play chord-melody that is not a problem.

I appreciate all answers, thank you! Smile.gif